Spain is well positioned to be the “Florida” of Europe, as it presents an attractive tourist offering, anchored on reliable infrastructure, world-class services and predictable weather patterns. This is why we aim to consolidate all assets around sea front locations and near efficient transportation.  A key characteristic is the focus on creating distinct spaces fully integrated in natural habitats in consolidated high-end communities. Big Blue Capital Holding was formed to take advantage of price dislocation at the heart of the Spanish Real Estate crisis. This was a once in a generation opportunity that created dramatic illiquidity and financial stress, which lead to solid opportunities to generate alpha by taking measured risks. We have been able to build a high quality portfolio of prime assets at attractive prices in the southern coast of Spain.

The contrarian investment approach focuses on extracting value from distorted market pricing mechanisms. This opportunistic investment style was well placed to acquire assets between 5MM and 20MM euros, as they were too big for local investors and too small for the large international funds. We are well aware that the opportunities will diminish as the market reaches new level of efficiency, as it gradually recovers from the crisis.  Yet we are not a company that “needs to invest” under the pressure of raised funds, and so we pride ourselves in refusing many opportunities that do not fit our strict risk and investment criteria. The business model aims to the complete alignment of risk and return between investors and management.  The conduct of our team reflects in a culture that values client focus, integrity, professionalism and passion for excellence. The Spanish market will benefit from professional, client focused real estate businesses that are built by learning the lessons of the past and which are free from the rigidities of dedicated investment vehicles forced to invest. We aim to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns based on high quality assets, low basis costs, focus on clients, deep local expertise and prudent experienced management.



Thorough analysis and due diligence of each opportunity.



Our partners have a recognized best-in-class track record in real estate asset management.



Our local teams are lead by highly experience professionals on the ground. 



Our definition of success is the success of our clients and investors.